Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real – Turn Off The News (Build A Garden)

Was up till 2 arguing on Twitter with racists regularly, so can’t really argue with that title. In todays always on world, there is no time for us, only projected us, Lukas knows that and the happy cover picture of he and his band cavorting underlines it.

The music is pretty sunny too, but they have to watch it doesn’t become FM radio Fleetwood Mac, and ‘Mirage‘ Fleetwood Mac at that, easy roll ‘Bad Case‘ does just that, or the later Lyndsey Buckingham of the title track, wants to be Springsteen, not a chance. But the banjo brealh of air in sitting on the porch ‘Lotta Fun‘ is, slide lope ‘Out In LA‘ never lets a Yacht Rock vibe drop, same with the rather fine squelch of the bass and almost bongos in ‘Civilized Hell’.
Such a happy vibe here, listen to that bluesy bang for ‘Something Real‘ and even they get heartfelt, it’s with a glittery Richard Hawley sound, ‘Stars Made Of You‘ sounds like it’s flying.

He doesn’t always make the decisions his musical genre might expect, ‘Save A Little Heartache‘ is the smoothest, happiest song about the subject you may have heard, ‘Where Does Love Go‘ is an Orbison takeoff. He’s been coming to this Yacht Rock/FM Rock/Blues/Country Rock sound for a while, but this nails it.

What a great piece of work turn of the news, yes, but while you’re dibbing, have this as a soundtrack.

Out On Fantasy Records

Remedy Rating : 4/5 Rest Cure


Glitter Wizards – Opera Villains

Let’s see now, for the San Fran freakers, there’s a lot to choose from:

Mephistopheles : the grandaddy of ’em all, used in ‘Faust‘ of course; ‘Spell So Evil‘ races at you, wraps you up, lovely Gothy feel to the vocals but NWOBHM riffing, then GlamBanging…

Iago : ‘Otello’s nemesis of course, pouring poison into his ear…’Toxic Lady‘ creeps up with worry and a touch of the Hammer Horrors

Hagen : a bad lad from ‘Gotterdammerung‘, cutpurse, forger, ’10 Foot Man‘ is rushing all over the place shaking fists and can barely get the lyrics out, so much to achieve. ‘Home Of The Oyster King‘ is big and bumptious with an ill advised classical intention and Ian Anderson moments, announcing itself beautifully.

Lady Macbeth : prime persuader; ‘Rats‘ is calm and sounds honest, vocal and piano with guitar trying to make the argument.

Some Opera Villains there and whilst this gets nowhere near in terms of craft or entertainment, there’s something rather good here. San Fran fun with a band on the run, grab a front row seat and dab on the glitter; what a Wizard wheeze.

Out On Heavy Psyche

Remedy Rating: 4/5 Keep The Joints Moving

Lynne Jackaman – Supernasty

There’s a reason for this. A reason why this bolstered single release is being reviewed here. St Jude were not just a great sound, they looked so cool, the vibe was so sexy, they were a band to spend a large proportion of your life with and never regret it. All that from one album, that’s all we got because due to a few reasons including personal tragedy, that’s all we got. The sultry voice with the bluesy bellow, Lynne Jackaman, dropped occasional singles and sang with others, but fans were searching for news of that solo album.

It’s nearly here. And this is the first music from it. Worth the wait? Of course. The title track is a brassy Blues blow through, tight at the back, blaring at the front; sweaty dead of night Soul sense is delivered beautifully on ‘Copycat‘, retro, sure, with Muscle Shoals horns in place, but completely inhabited by Jackaman.

To strip back a song might be expected; ‘On Your Own Now‘ has a simple, brittle purity and this 4 tracker rounds off with the chart sounds of quiet, sweet Soul track ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart‘, the kind of thing radio will love and people like Kylie Minogue are dying for, the song Miley Cyrus recorded with Mark Ronson on his new album not that she got a country within the aching vocal here.

Not as heavy as St Jude were, but smooth as an estate agent’s patter and cool as the back of your fridge, this showcases Lynne Jackaman and that’s what we’re here for. Expect to see the review of the album here the day it’s released. Expect it to be laudatory…

Out Independently

Remedy Rating: 5/5 Perfect Patient

Prince – Originals

Don’t get excited now. Hush that chatter. Manage your expectations. Shhhh, shhh, hang on.

This is one of those Prince albums we were promised from the extensive vault, but there’s a corollary; the album cover ahows a Prince dressed in the threads of ‘Dirty Mind‘ era, the grafitti behind him underlines it, the music confirms it.

Caveat corner makes another entry; these are not new songs, they’re songs he gave to others. Doesn’t mean this is poor though, how could it be? The Apollonia 6-given ‘Sex Shooter‘ has the drum machine and bright, brittle synths of his early years, doesn’t vary much except his vocal is more urgent and expressive, a pleasing Prince mid album track, ‘Jungle Love‘ is a party, so if course it was a Time tune, quite lovely in its tight Funk strut, ‘Make-Up‘ a standard motorik and Kraftwerk type ‘Computer Blue‘ take for Vanity 6 and in no way special, same with the Soul vibe of Jill Jones lend ‘Baby, You’re A Trip‘, but he does it so easily and so well.
Great tracks here? Stroll and strut backing with thin synth jabs of ‘100 MPH‘ from almost-mythical Maserati, busy, horny ‘Dear Michelangelo‘, ‘Sign Of The Times‘ sounding ‘Love…Thy Will Be Done‘ from Martika’s second album, nice counterpoint of hard drum beat and sweet faced vocals and the standout is ‘Holly Rock‘, Morris Day and his merry men should have been favoured with this James Brown maestro shouting jam, but Sheila E had it, made a good fist but the loose limbed funkiness is missing.

‘Manic Monday‘? Thinner than the one we know and not as effective. ‘Nothing Compares 2 U‘? Big Soul workout with fruity sax solo and so much better than the cover version which needed a video to get over.

It’s a mixed bag, certainly not prime Prince, but he’s always too sweet to be sour. We’ve got lots to come and while it sometimes feel like tomb raiding, music lovers got to have it. Enjoyable, fun, a remembrance that no one comes close than the Purple Yoda…

Out On NPG/Warners

Remedy Rating: 4/5 Old Medicine From Original Bottles


The title of this second album suggests a new start. The contents show a distancing from the debut. There’s far more eclecticism here, if ‘Burning‘ disappoints early on as a by-numbers riot rocker, but its melody is the saviour, just as in the gorgeously measured ‘Waiting For You‘, there’s even a touch of Belinda Carlisle in the chorus and then the soft Doobie’s Funk of ‘People Coming Up‘ is a real delight.

Big Heart-like acoustic heavy ballad too, ‘When We Were Young’ is very well done and then ‘Jane‘ is a Westworld agitational roll and the massive Rock with soul of ‘This Way’ is superb.

JOANovARC have done something different here, they’ve broadened out their appeal and that makes for great hearing. The other Joan is a symbol of French war, there’s not so much at stake here (ho ho), but for an all female band they never push that and never have to. Their talent does all the talking for them.

Out On Holier Than Thou Records

Remedy Rating: 4/5 New Medicines

Salvation Jayne

Well, loved their first ep, ‘Moves That Make The Record Skip‘ and now they told us they had a fresh new look/ethos/storage heater, you decide. It’s all got to be fresh, hasn’t it, to keep us interested. Their music is doing that all on its own.

When you have the diamond in the dirt of ‘Cortez‘, slammjng beats, needling vocals, the chorus regulation chunky, this has enough front to open a franchise. ‘Juno‘ seems to be the single and it could experience derision for its almost designed huge fuzzy chorus and Indie verse, but the latter rides a calm groove and you wouldn’t argue with the heft of the former; there’s a definite chart intention for the big bass and wailing guitars of ‘The Art Of Falling‘, Chess Smith conforming to the RnB type voice we hear so often, it’s the weakest thing here but it does it’s job.

Songs like the dirty, greasy, big bass sasspot of ‘Black Heart‘ and the brazenness of Classic Rock revving ‘Tongue Tied‘ are the norm. That’s a very good thing. They’re keeping their powder dry, developing as songwriters and giving us their music in small, easy to please chunks, the stripped version of ‘Juno‘ shows just how connected they are to what nestles on playlists at the moment, they’re smart like that. This is how they win. Salvation? No, but we can enjoy singing these hymns.

Out Independently

Remedy Rating: 4/5 Great Newly Qualified Surgeon

Leader Of Down – Cascade Into Chaos

They lead with Lemmy first. He championed them and sings on opener ‘Paradise Turned Into Dust‘, a cynical tale with a riff we’ve heard before, mid pace and some levity in the melody; nothing we haven’t heard before, but that’s the idea. Without him, they’re sharper, more metallic and the title track has all this, but life affirming melody too, a prime slice of Melodic Metal, with a Psyche section too.

There are guests galore here, the Jam’s Bruce Foxton helping on the driving ‘Serial Killjoy‘, with it’s late 70’s US Rock feel, there are 707 and Triumph hints here, but mainly the helpers are from the Motorhead family. Why? They were the brainchild of bassist Tim Atkinson and now sadly gone erstwhile ‘Head guitarist Wurzel. They kept recording after his death and this long in production album is the result.

And what a legacy it is. Phil Campbell dirties up ‘Children Of Disease‘, ‘Snakebite‘ is a nasty attack with Fast Eddie, another sad departee, adding his quality on guitar and rather a weak vocal turn, the song isn’t the best thing here by a long way, but it fits. ‘The Killing Rain‘ is apparently the ladt song Wurzel ever wrote and except for the thin drums, it’s just great, low slung riff and accessible chorus, sorted. Blimey, ‘Feelgood‘ with Cliff Evans included, is a softer, infectious, simple and almost Sleaze classic, vying for the best track.

But ‘Laugh At The Devil‘, Fast Eddie on guitars, Lemmy on vocals, is the standout, biker rock, unrelenting but welcoming, a Motorhead track they never wrote.

This is just great, lovely classic Hard Rock which never forgets that it needs melody to keep us singing, Matt Baker has the right voice here, connecting with the songs but never asking us to look at him, likewise Alex Ward who spits out those riffs and gives these songs their quality. I saw them after their support to Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons recently and their set up looked big, rueing missing them now; that must be remedied soon.
Followers, not Leaders; not a band bunch to look up to though.

Out On Cleopatra Records

Remedy Rating : 4/5 Follow The Prescription