There are a few, aren’t there? The Runaways, Girlschool, Lee Aaron maybe, we reach for them when thinking about Metal maidens (as women in Rock were sexistly called by Rock writers who are still actually writing). Now we have Doro Pesch of course but also the Amorettes making a righteous din and now Thundermother.

From the Rock hotbed of Sweden, this is confrontational, greasy and very, very good. ‘Revival‘ is pure slow AC/DC Bon era stuff, borrowed riffs, but a shaker added for goodness sake, simple fist pumper ‘Whatever’ is clear Airbourne, the riff to ‘Survival Street‘ would get Angus Young’s legs twitching, ‘Rip Your Heart Out’ would bring the Amorettes running, such a call to arms is it. Sara Petterson’s dirty bass is a thing of beauty in ‘The Orginal Sin‘ , which is good ‘cos that’s all there is….

And all this after losing 4 band members last Spring. Guitarist Filippa Nassil vowed to carry on; this is triumphant, new pipes Geurnica Mancini has a sassy and snotty tone but soul too, working so well with Nassil’s stacatto riffing; yes the O’Keeffe and Young families are brought to mind, but they do it with real joy. In fact, when they try slower songs as if they feel they should, things are not as rosy, why bother when the rapid rumpus to so entertaining?

A great face front Hard Rock album from a band who know where the attitude is and just how to work it. They happen to be women, but to emphasise that is to patronise them as ‘ah, look, some women have even learnt how to do it’ whilst passively denigrating the music. Or thinking those lucky ladies might get the chance to sleep with the late 50’s, straggly haired, paunchy, ragged cap wearing popular in the 80’s hack whose influence waned around the time Metallica started wearing makeup.

This is mostly superb, which is all that matters. Not gender. Not made up rules. Music. Supposed to bring us all together, isn’t it?

Out On Dezpotz Records

Remedy Rating : 4/5 Standard Procedures Work Really Well

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