Who wouldn’t want to experience Omaha’s premier Funk troupe? Particular when they sport pimp ‘taches and feed nine. And who also wouldn’t crave a big, sumptuous sound which is aimed at equal parts George Clinton and Steely Dan?

The title track kicks off with a driving, thin synth 80’s Clinton feel, lots are doing it, this manages it. And then adds a cheesy sax break and Earth, Wind & Fire horns, which continues with a swanking ‘Dial Tones‘, but they can also get soulful and smoky, ‘Unrequited Dap‘ is again 80’s, but the kind of accessible feel you’d see backing Lynx on TOTP.
And the two parts of ‘A Piece Of The Rock‘ just shine with dancefloor readiness, but it slows almost imperceptibly for the long guitar workout in the second part, a bit of Amp Fiddle Neo Soul here. They can always drive through the glittering ‘Celestial Discharge‘, jazzy solo picking its way through massed horns and look at that 80’s Dazz Band blast of synths and horns to finish with ‘Rebuild The Road‘.

The 80’s Funk and Roll is big these days; this band can offer you sleek success and squelchy sass too. Here it comes, wait for it. This Satchel should be your bag…

Out Independently

Remedy Rating: 5/5 Shock Therapy

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