Sweden’s Gin Lady are a lot more than a great band name, much more. Their retro 70’s brilliance has delighted over many years now, particularly on their second album, 2013’s ‘Mothers Ruin‘. It’s always a delight to see a new album from them, the sunfower heavy cover might hint at sunny delights inside.

And the easy roll and Sheepdogs sound of opener ‘Everyone Is Love‘, with such gorgeous CSN harmonies, is a great start. And then we begin a trip down a Country road, ‘The Darkest Days Of All Time‘ even has some unconcerned whistling; this won’t be bad if they can pull the all out Country sound well enough.

They aren’t, quite. ‘The Visit‘ has a pleasant Southern air, ‘Into The Wasteland‘ walks you through a softly warm breeze of a day, then ramps up, but softly and when they hit that easy rolling sweet spot, they’re amazing, just listen to ‘Always Gold‘.

And don’t forget their ability to deliver a Laurel Canyon sound beautifully, gossamer thin and smudgy ‘Undertow‘ and ‘The Rock We All Push‘ has a sneaky Faces shamble to it and I’d have actually preferred more of that.

Gin Lady are a brilliant band. Their good is others’ phenomenal. And its good. Sometimes very. But ultimately, this gin is too neat.

Out On Kozmik Artefactz

Remedy Rating: 4/5 Mixed Results

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