C86! Madchester! Folk Rock! Paisley Underground! Rough Trade throw out possible similarities like insults at a Nigel Farage talk (allegedly), for this album but Virginian verisimilitude isn’t on the cards here, thank goodness.

Yes, the beat can be a bit baggy and the guitars smudged until you can barely make them out, but the early 80’s softly happy horn-augmented ‘Get Along (I Hope That You Do)’ makes a difference, ‘Stay All Night‘ sounds like something Lindsey Buckingham would have produced from his ‘Punk’ love for ‘Tusk‘, followed with Soft Rock ‘Disappear‘ which could have been on ‘Rumours‘.

Much less interesting when they mine a simple Indie jangle, except when allied to a Yacht Rock angle for ‘Birthday Card‘; the zenith of their baggy? Dance beat and whispered Stone Roses ‘Same Old Now‘, but the trousers are coming back, so why can’t the music?

This might be ahead of the curve, if it really knew what it was they wanted. They don’t and thank goodness for that. Not completely Out Of The box, they’ve commadeered a second one as an annexe.

Out On Rough Trade

Remedy Rating: 4/5 Strange Results

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