Reality is what you decide it is, even if you’re defining yourself against the rules and plans others give you; it would be expected that Primus’ Les Claypool and Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger’s Sean Lennon would aim higher. And musically, they do, their debut dual effort was challenging and gave few musical outcrops to cling onto; this may be a little more formed, as if they know what they sound like and what they don’t now.

There’s a singsong feel here, a pastoral longing to ‘Little Fishes‘, until it jams it up Psychewise, the two movements of ‘Blood And Rockets‘ have a late 60’s Psyche whimsy too, very Dukes Of Stratosphear, sweetly gentle. We have to say, it’s obvious, the harmonies at the head of ‘Boriska‘ are Lennon/MacCartney to a tee, before a sweeping strings and growing tune delights with woozily triumphal synths.

Settling in one place works so well for them, allowing a bass-led Primus march for ‘Toady Man’s Hour‘, closer ‘Little Fleas‘ alternately accessible and strange. Who ever thought these two experimenters would delight in song construction?

South Of Reality has a beautiful garden, constructed, but with love.

Out On ATO Records

Remedy Rating: 4/5 Tried And Tested Techniques

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