From the moment the guitar cranks up in the riff of ‘Portents‘, heaving itself about, winking slightly, Steve Howe comes to mind, but not just the guitar, the synth lines hit those heights too, but Matthew Corry’s lilting vocals add so an ache to ‘Petrichor‘, which the guitars and synths attempt to ransack.

But the jazzy drums and scudding synths butting up against a decidedly Andy Sears vocal make ‘Travails‘ stick to their title, that Howe guitar from Scott Neumann nostalgic and new at the same time, he has the balls to go for it and it comes off; the bass and drums lock into ‘Empress‘ to make a bubbly, racing feel.

Formed in York just two years ago, Emperor Norton will surely go far. Unashamedly 70’s, hugely enjoyable, just listen to the harmmering piano on epic ‘Arrow‘, this is surprisingly stunning and so good to hear Yes and Twelfth Night frontman Sears held in such high regard. The other Norton declared himself Emperor of the US in 1859, feel sure this Norton don’t have that far reaching plan, but their mix of the atonal and familiar has conquered me…

Out Independently

Remedy Rating : 5/5 Perfect Patient

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