Their full length debut often seemed as though it was heavy on attitood but light on actual, you know, tunes. It was lauded by a mainsteam music press desperate for bands to pump up though, so undoubtedby they’ll be salivating over this follow up album too.

Well, the 80’s Indie chiming guitars are out for opener ‘The Second Of The First‘, so far, so Magic Numbers. Then ‘Falling Thunder‘ resembles 80’s Indie with a little Partridge Family wholesomeness, of course ‘Beuatiful Steven‘ has a 60’s Laurel Canyon and Country feel, that’s the de rigeur sound.
At least there’s a some sense of arrival with ‘Cameo‘, a nice catchy chorus available when we get there and we’d expect a little Psyche, which hangs around closer ‘The Cool Change‘, but there just doesn’t appear to be anything to get too excited about. More open than the debut but when you look in, not much to see.

Not Sideways to New Italy, taking the well trodden path.

Out On Sub Pop

Remedy Rating : 3/5 Usual Medicine, Usual Results