Their sound is like old Blues veterans being shown how to get a bigger sound from younger gunslingers, there’s a recognisable riff, an organ, good warm vocals and nicely apparent backing vox. This is all there as the album opens with ‘Said To Me‘, but then multiple claps arrive, it starts to shudder and lazy writers like me write the word ‘Zep’ for, those Bluesers are having a bit of a talent exchange with the older skool organ fest of ‘Propaganda Lie‘. But they also do the quiet verse and massive chorus thing with real class and a knowing wink, ‘Josephine‘ explodes (best to wear an old shirt) and that Indie sharp guitar attack, but ‘No Friend Of Mine‘ is wearing tight trousers and strutting with its chest out, just wonderful.

There aren’t many downsides here; nope, even ‘Meth Mouth Blues‘ is a gospel confession with a heartfelt plea, OK, ‘Prize Of A Life‘ is a bit U2 bombastic, but some like that. Tried to dislike ‘A Lovers Tragedy‘, but who can take against that massive chorus?

And look at that souped up Blues ‘Till And Toil‘ shaking the rafters and smoking up the room with a subterranean bass and stabbing organ (ahem), but don’t forget the riproaring finish to ‘Patience (Losing Sleep)‘. Is there a double bass line in eastgoing ‘Rigor And Roll‘? Damn near, what a 70’s guitar solo soaring treat.

This is standing next to amazing. For a young band out of Norwich, this could be amazing. What an introduction, a party you’ll kick yourself for missing, one you’ll always remember if you were there.

The only time I’ve ever bowed the knee to a King…

Out Independently

Remedy Rating : 5/5 Great New Treatment

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